October 29, 2018

Feral Humans of Maruzar

Feral humans are the degenerate descendants of people who were left behind in the cities after the Shattering, fallen so far that they have forgotten speech and fire. Now these cannibalistic pack hunters haunt the dead cities of the Drylands, living mostly off fungi, small game and vermin, but will eagerly stalk any humans who venture into their territory. The ferals of each lost city have adapted to life after the Fall in different ways. 

Ruin Runners
Ruin Runners have mastered a unique way of moving through their environment, combining their natural agility with cunning to vault obstacles, run up walls, leap gaps between buildings and so on, allowing them to move very quickly and unpredictably through the ruins. (Yes, it’s parkour.) Thus they avoid predators like the sithan and approach prey from unexpected directions, often attacking by leaping down onto their prey’s back. They are still smart enough to throw stones, and many have crude knives scavenged from the ruins, or made of bone. 

Mogors are brutish feral humans who hunt each other with improvised clubs, knives, and the occasional captured sword or axe. They are cunning, ambush pack hunters who creep up silently on their prey from different directions, then charge with clumsily but powerfully swung weapons. Mogors try not to kill women, but instead try to capture them for an abhorrent mating. They live in small tribes headed by the strongest male.

Worm Children
Worm Children are pallid, stunted, misshapen denizens of the tunnels, physically weak but thriving in large numbers in hive-like matriarchal societies. They worship the Old Ones, and like to drag their victims down into the deepest tunnels for sacrifice followed by a grisly cannibalistic feast. Mentally they seem to be the least regressed of the feral tribes, being capable of speech and advanced thought; they might even know how to use some technology. Their Creche Mothers are sometimes telepathic.

Sand Crone
Sand Crones or Desert Hags are solitary, psychically gifted feral humans. They are the most intelligent of the ferals, and with their telepathic abilities, the most dangerous. Sand Crones are always female, old and wizened, and stark raving mad. Fanatical worshippers of the Old Ones, they always haunt ancient places of power to where they try to lure travelers for a cruel cat and mouse game that ends in sacrifice. Some believe that Sand Crones never breed, and are in fact the original survivors who pledged themselves to the old dark powers in exchange for their lives. 

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