October 19, 2018

Creatures of Maruzar: Vashtian Nightwisp

The Vashtian nightwisp is a bioluminescent flying reptile popular among Azhir nobles as an exotic, ornamental pet. Flocks of them are kept in glass-domed gardens, where they perform spectacular light-symphonies by synchronous flashing of their photophores. However, nightwisps are very territorial and will attack any unknown intruders who approach their roosts en masse, and they have venomous claws. 

Lords who keep nightwisps must tame their flocks by gifts of food over at least a week before the fierce reptiles recognize him as a friend. A few nobles have taken to carrying a nightwisp on their wrists, which serves both as a living ornamental lamp and bodyguard.

Nightwisps have four wings, both pairs spanning about eighteen inches, long tails ending in a fin, large green eyes, and blue-gray, scaly skins. The leading edges of their wings, their necks, bellies and tail are lined with photophores that emit a blue light when opened. When threatened, they open their photophores to maximum brightness to dazzle an attacker.


  1. What beautiful imagery! Also, look at that, a monster that wants to fight you, but that you just want to capture, alive and unharmed.

    1. Thanks Anne! Yes, I do want to introduce more variety in creatures and how players might interact with them or use them.


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