July 25, 2017

Hometown Creation Questions for Hari Ragat


I’m wondering if it’ll be easier for players and GMs to create the PCs’ hometown using a questionnaire?

To play a full campaign of Hari Ragat, all players sit down with the GM and spend time creating the hometown together, and only after that do the players make characters. This gives the benefit of chargen in a setting that the players already feel invested in, with some ready plot hooks to latch onto.

The GM should try to get as many of the questions answered as possible, but it’s ok to leave some blank until later in the campaign. Knowing players though, once their creativity’s been sparked it just keeps going.

Which island is the hometown on, and where there?
Is it a major or minor island?
What are its best-known landmarks?
What are its three most important resources?

What craft or trait are the people best known for?
What is the hometown's identifying color or pattern in clothing?
What is the hometown's signature shield shape or motif?
What is the hometown's signature sword type or hilt motif?
Who is the Diwata most worshipped by the people, and where is her/his sacred site?
What is the Diwata's price for allowing the people to live in this land?
Who is the hometown's most popular hero and what is his or her most famous exploit?
Is there a famous arts master in town, and what is their specialty? (Note that this can be martial arts, dance, chanting, tattooing, smithing, boatmaking, navigation, etc. etc) 

Who rules the town, and how do the people like their rule?
Who is most likely to succeed as the next ruler?
Does the ruler belong to any of the  royal lineages, and if so which one?
Who is the chief Baylan of the town?
Who is the greatest warrior in the town?
Who is the wealthiest person in town and how did they get rich?
Who is the the town belle and which family does she belong to?
Who is the most disliked person in the town?
Who is the town fool?

Who is the ruler's worst enemy?
Is there anyone in the town who threatens the ruler, and why?
What are the people most frightened of?
What do the people most look forward  to in the near future?
What might threaten this expected happy event?

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