June 14, 2017

Island Generator for Hari Ragat

Since voyaging is a major part of Hari Ragat, and the setting is a huge archipelago, we can definitely use a random island generator. The Janggalan Isles can be divided into two kinds of islands: Major islands are large and nearly always inhabited, and they are named and known. Minor islands are smaller, ranging in size from tiny specks on the sea with a few trees at most, to landmasses that can take several days to sail around or trek across. Moreover, many Minor islands are uninhabited and largely, or even completely, unexplored. This gives us a near-infinite range of settings for adventure! This made me think of having a random Minor island generator on hand; this is the first draft.

To randomly create an island, we'll roll a d6 on several tables. Some are open, meaning the players are allowed to see the results of the roll and what they mean; and some are secret, for the players to find out. Feel free to invent alternatives for any roll result that doesn't seem to fit or feels repetitive after the last island.

1    Tiny islet -- don't roll for settlements; roll 1 landmark
2    Very small island, big enough to hold a village at most; roll 1 landmark and 1 settlement
3    Small island, big enough for a few villages; roll 1 landmark and 1-2 settlements
4    Small island, big enough for a few villages; roll 1 landmark and 1-3 settlements
5    Medium-sized island; roll 2 landmarks and 2-5 settlements
6    Surprisingly large island; roll 3 landmarks and 3-6 settlements

1    Sea cave; what lurks within?
2    Crater lake; what's at the bottom?
3    A shipwreck or abandoned/ruined settlement
4    Secluded cove, inlet or lagoon; what's in it?
5    A wondrous waterfall or spring; what virtue might the waters have, and who is its master?
6    A magnificent mountain peak, surely the home of some great Diwata -- or terrible monster

1    No settlement
2    No settlement, or an abandoned one
3    A tiny and impoverished hamlet, possibly fugitives from somewhere
4    A small village
5    A small town and a couple of dependent villages
6    A surprisingly large town, with its dependent villages

1    A Raksasa giant, man-eating, sorcerous and able to shapeshift, or a dragon
2    A lesser giant, or an Elder creature, huge, ancient, wise and with a taste for human flesh
3    Evil spirits or some other minor supernatural threat
4    Trickster spirits of the wild
5    A band of pirates has made their hideout here
6    A Diwata, powerful to help if pleased, but terrible in anger
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