June 23, 2016

Using Your Followers in Hari Ragat

Scene from the Amaya TV series

Player characters in Hari Ragat can have followers, in the form of Dulohan points. These are some of the interesting things you can do in combat with your Dulohan:

Fan Out
By having your followers fan out and surround your foe, you gain Advantage to fight that foe. Your followers spread out and menace the foe with their spears and hem him in with their shields. However, it’s up to your hero to take the risk of actually going for the kill.

Fight Harder
You can Push a combat roll you have already won or tied by spending Dulohan points to redouble your assault, with your followers taking exhaustion and casualties as they fight more aggressively.

Shield of Blood
You can Push a combat roll you have lost by spending Dulohan points to represent your followers doing their utmost to save you, taking casualties and morale loss in the effort. This can be used in combination with Fight Harder, by spending enough Dulohan to turn a lost roll into a victory.

Close Ranks
You order your followers to close up with you, lending you and each other greater protection from their shields. This lets you claim Advantage to resist enemy attack, whether melee or ranged. However, it’s harder to move around while huddled together like this so while in Close Ranks you are at a Disadvantage to any contests of movement.

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