June 14, 2016

Player Roadmap for Hari Ragat

"What should my character be doing?"

Hari Ragat encourages proactive play, which means player characters can and should look out for themselves and act on their own agendas. If you're new to the game and the culture it's based on, though, you may want a sort of roadmap to get your character started in an interesting direction. So what should be in your agenda?

- You should be seeking adventures that you can boast about later. Accumulating such boasting points is how your character advances. The harder the adventure is for you, the bigger a boasting point it will be if you win.

- You should be seeking means to increase your character's resources, specially your wealth and your trove of ritual treasures, your Bahandi.

- You should be seeking to make or change Ties that will aid your character. Making friends and allies, making peace with (some) enemies, getting married, getting on good terms with the spirits, will all help your character grow in the world.

- You should be seeking to gain good Reputations for your character, and to erase your bad ones if you have any.

- During the adventure, you should be seeking for ways to gain the favor of the ancestor spirits for your group, because it's Ancestral Favor that powers your craziest, most epic-heroic stunts.

Note that I said seeking. That's because you're free to say to your Game Master, "Hey, I wanna do this." And if the other players like it, that's your adventure for the evening! Did you say you wanted to explore an uncharted island nobody's ever returned from? Sure! Want to find a bride or husband for your character? Go! Want to gather your hometown's young hotbloods to go a-pirating in enemy waters? I did say Hari Ragat is basically a game of playing Southeast Asian Vikings before, so yeah!

But what if the other players voted to do another adventure instead of the one you proposed? No problem. You've got a lot of possible goals from the start, so if you can't work on one on this adventure, you can find a way to work on another as part of the adventure. Feel free to suggest details for your friend's adventure that will test and reward your character. We've got a mechanic for that.

As for the rest – let the GM worry about it!

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