June 22, 2016

Natural Wonders in Hari Ragat

Indangan Falls, also known as Hidden Falls, one of the little-known natural wonders of Cotabato province.

Impressive natural spots, often charged with spiritual power, add fame and beauty to your settlement, and may even yield income if they become pilgrimage sites. Many of them will have their own spirit guardians, often a Diwata. Some Diwata may ‘own’more than one wondrous site. Some possible wonders you may find while exploring include:

Visitation Peak
Some of the most majestic mountain peaks are habitually visited by gods. One god may favor particular mountains, or some peaks may host periodic gatherings of deities. These peaks should never be trespassed upon lest misfortune befall; on the other hand, this is one of the few means a Vijadesan hero might get to speak with the higher gods.

Pygmy Forest
This fog-bound, high-altitude forest consists entirely of trees and other flora at only a fraction of their normal size outside. Amongst them grow ferns, mosses and fungi found nowhere else in the world, and which may have unique magical properties.

Colossal Caverns
These huge caves are filled with the most impressive and otherworldly rock formations, and its depths practically reverberate with strong magic. They are the kinds of caves favored for royal burials, for the training and testing of new shamans, and for making offerings to the spirits of the earth and hidden places. Caves on the coast may have water-level mouths so big that warships can be rowed in — making it a great secret base site. Sea caves may already be occupied by pirates.

Hidden Valley
This beautiful valley has a well-hidden entrance; perhaps over a high and hidden mountain pass, or through a tunnel, or behind a curtain-like waterfall. Within is a natural paradise of lush, primeval growth, and the animals here, never having been hunted before, are unafraid of and even friendly to man. This could be a ‘navel of the earth,’ the source of the surrounding area’s fertility of plant life and game. What will you do with such riches?

Anthropomorphic Formation
Mountainsides, peaks and cliffs may suggest the face or body of a human being. Such anthropomorphic formations are signs that either a powerful Diwata or Tarabusaw dwells nearby. Formations of black basalt, or that have scowling or snarling features, almost always indicate Tarabusaw presence.

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