June 26, 2016

How Five Dragons Became Eight

In the Hari Ragat setting there is a powerful empire to the north of the Janggalan Isles with which the Vijadesans, the player characters’ people, trade with. I was originally going to name this the Tien Xia Empire, but got beaten to the punch by Vigilance Press’ Tianxia kung-fu RPG.

So my next idea was to name this the Five Dragon River Empire, and got Philgamer Jay Anyong’s help to translate. This translates to something like “Go Long Jiang” – and “Go Long” sounds too much like the Tagalog word for tires. I’d have too many of my players giggling over the name!

The next Chinese-y number that came to mind was eight, Wu, so this empire got named Wulongjiang, “Eight Dragon River [Empire].”


  1. I think you got your Chinese numbers wrong... http://www.omniglot.com/language/numbers/chinese.htm

  2. Thanks for this. We're more used to hearing Fukienese here, so five is "go."

  3. Looks like I get to trim three dragons off again :-) We're back to Five Dragon River Empire ...


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