June 27, 2016

Grounding Hari Ragat NPCs

A Datu or Rajah character from the Amaya TV series

One of the ways a Hari Ragat GM can make an NPC come alive and give the players more ‘handles’ for actions and interactions is to give them interesting Ties. This is specially true if the NPC is of high status, which is to be expected from an epic-heroic kind of game. Such persons should be well-connected, with well-defined allies and enemies, so that their interactions with the PCs will have repercussions the way an orb-weaver’s web vibrates with every fly that gets into it.

With that in mind, this is my [draft] writeup for a Rajah NPC:

Here is a more or less typical Rajah opponent, a hero in his own right and by virtue of his ancestry, claimant to the throne of Hari Ragat. He is clad in brass mail-and plate-armor over rich silken clothes and a plumed brass helm, and carries two spears, a Kalasag shield, and kris. He commands a personal squadron of three Karakoas.

Vijadesan Rajah 6/8/28; Cunning Statesman, Tattoos of Sovereignty, Tattoos of Poison Resistance, Ancestor: Rajah Marawid; Vassal — Datu Sumanga of Balayan; Vassal — Datu Dailisan of Balayan; Reluctant Tributary — Lakan Tupas of Mancalon; Feud with the Bangkawils of Balayan; Renown Rank – Rajah

I don’t know who Sumanga, Dailisan and Tupas are yet, nor will I bother writing them up; instead I’ll let every GM make that up for himself. What’s important is this Rajah has other chiefs bound to him, that he’s got a potentially problematic underling, and an outright feud. And he’s in position to gun for the high kingship!

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