June 28, 2016

Epic-Heroic Scenario Guide

Since most potential players/GMs for Hari Ragat will already know Greek mythology, likely much better than they’d know Philippine mythology or epics, I’ve come up with a scheme for adventure design based on Classical heroes. Namely, we can model adventures on Hercules, Achilles, or Odysseus.

Herculean Adventures
Herculean adventures revolve around dealing with the monsters, spirits and gods of the wild. They involve exploration, epic monster hunts, battles with giants and dragons, and taming the enchanted wilderness to make it safe for mankind. Some sample scenarios:

  1. Village children have disappeared; who or what took them?
  2. A giant is ravaging the countryside, or demanding a ruinous tribute
  3. The Diwatas are angry and have sent a pestilence on the land
  4. Fishermen report something huge has been attacking their boats
  5. There has been a rash of merman raids along the coast; why?
  6. The heroes are given a chance to establish a new colony; they must lead the exploration and clearing of the new land

Achillean Adventures
Achillean adventures revolve around war and vengeance. The heroes are out to win glory in either hit and run raids or epic pitched battles, seeking out enemy champions to duel and vying with each other in performing crazy Heroic Displays to win Ancestral Favor in the midst of combat. Some sample scenarios:

  1. Tulisan bandits have been raiding the farms
  2. Guests from a neighboring kingdom commit treachery during a feast
  3. A royal wife or daughter has been kidnapped; this means war!
  4. A long-running blood feud is finally coming to a catastrophic climax
  5. An enemy has questioned or impugned a hero’s honor
  6. The ancestors demand for an ancient crime to be avenged

Odyssean Adventures
Odyssean adventures revolve around voyaging and exploring a wider world as heroic chieftains or kings. These adventures can have a very interesting mix of scenarios from sailing and survival at sea to fighting monsters to contests of courtesy and epic largesse at the exotic courts of various kings. Some sample scenarios:

  1. The heroes are invited to the courtship tournament of a famous binokot maiden
  2. The heroes are tasked with a sensitive diplomatic mission to a distant kingdom
  3. The heroes are offered a lucrative opportunity for a trading expedition
  4. The heroes learn that an enemy town will be unguarded as its chiefs sail off to another war
  5. The heroes get shipwrecked on an island ruled by a malevolent or eccentric Diwata
  6. The heroes anger a god after a successful raid; now they’ve got problems getting home with the loot

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