November 6, 2015

Because the Ancestors Like Movies

There were points in writing Hari Ragat when I start thinking, ‘Daymn, these ancestor spirits really treat life like watching a movie.’ Proof? Check out these Heroic Displays, feats of daring in battle which can be performed to earn Ancestral Favor:

Dance of Defiance
If you dance within missile attack range of the enemy — bowshot if they have bows, a spear’s throw if they only have spears — and do it so well you do not get hit, add +3 Ancestral  Favor to the pool. Note that because a lot of foes will be attacking you at the same time they will be rolling with a +2 or even +3 Advantage.

If instead of shooting, the foe also sends out one or more dancers, resolve this as a contest of dance; if you win, you get the +3 Favor. If the contest rolls get tied two or three times in a row, one of the enemy dancers will usually challenge you to single combat.

Awesome Taunt
Warriors traditionally yell insults and other taunts at the foe just before combat is joined. If a player delivers a taunt in-character that reduces the GM to helpless fits of laughter, add +3 Ancestral Favor to the pool.

Heroic Divestment
The ancestors are pleased when a hero dares the foe by deliberately ridding himself of  his weapons and armor and exposing himself to attack in this state. Add  +3 Favor simply for dropping your shield, armor, and all but one or all your weapons, and +1 more every round that you continue fighting thus.  If you pick up and use a weapon or shield, or don armor again, you cease earning Favor from this feat.

If you fake your divestment by rearming yourself right after the bonus was given but before combat, however, you will anger the ancestors: for the rest of the combat and until you atone, you cannot gain nor use Ancestral Favor.

Duel of Champions
If you challenge an enemy champion to single combat and he accepts, add  +3 Favor to the pool.  If you win the combat, add another +3.

First Spear or First Kill
If before combat is joined you boast that you will be the first to strike a foe with a spear, or make the first kill, and you succeed at doing so, add  +3 Ancestral Favor to the pool. More than one character may make this oath, which results in the heroes racing madly toward the foe as they vie for the honor of first spear. 

In the Eye of the Storm
To display your skill and bravado, you stand within missile range of the enemy without a shield and spend an entire combat round just parrying the missiles launched at you with only a sword, spear, or even bare hands. If you win the roll you gain  +3 Ancestral Favor. Note that because a lot of foes will be attacking you at the same time they will be rolling with a +2 or even +3 Advantage.

Returning the Spear
The first time in any battle that a player character catches and throws back a spear, hitting a foe, add  +3 Favor to the pool. To attempt this feat, the character must have his weapon hand free and you must announce your intent to catch and throw back as your action. The most daring heroes often try to segue from the Dance of Defiance to this stunt.

Barehanded Kill
If your character began a round fighting barehanded and kills his opponent without recourse to any weapon, add +3 Ancestral Favor to the pool. This is assuming the opponent was a worthy foe, though — the Threat rating must be at least equal to your fighting Role.


  1. This comment reminds me of what happens on twitch tv let's plays where viewers donate real money when a player does something awesome.

  2. yep, it's the ancestors throwing you a tip from the afterlife ... ha ha!


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