October 13, 2015

Recovered and Restored!


Hallelujah! After nearly two whole months of being sick, I’ve finally shaken off that blasted bug with the medicine that seems to work best for me – the sea.

Wifey and I have just returned from scouting out the beach city of Mati in Davao Oriental for our tour business, and yes, looks like there’s definitely potential there. That is, if sun, white sand, blue waters and wildlife are your thing.

Sunrise at Dahican Beach, Mati

Dahican Beach, Mati on a calm day. The waves here reach Hawaii-like strength and height later in the year. 

A dugong, spotted just 20 meters offshore. Sorry for the picture quality, the water was rather turbid at the time

The corals of Pujada Bay, Mati

The corals of Pujada Bay, Mati

I’m restored now, so back to writing …

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