March 31, 2015

To Scrivener and Back Again to Open Office

After the issues I’ve had lately with Windows 8 – screwy updates that obstruct work, antivirus issues, a bad scare after AVG locked some vital startup files – I’ve decided to go back to writing Hari Ragat in Open  Office.

I don’t have Scrivener installed in any of my other PCs, nor can I view Scrivener files in my tablet; Open Office RTFs thus maximize compatibility across platforms. Though perhaps I should use .doc or .docx so I can easily move through Google Docs as well.

After making the move, I realized something else: it was easier for me to work with Hari Ragat in discrete chunks, with chapters in separate files.

Back to work!


  1. Windows 8 is Hell! I just discovered that the default when you shut down is to sleep instead. The hardware is shut down but certain things are stored in memory rather than closed. Which was causing problems for my Nortons which could not scan properly. (I found this out on the Nortons site...)

  2. Yup! I was seriously considering nuking Win 8 from this computer and replacing it with Win 7, but had to decide against it because ti would simply cost too much time to reinstall everything.

  3. I've actually gone back to doing the conversion on Evernote again.

  4. For cross-platforming reasons too?


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