January 13, 2015

Making Kabobs with Kochadaiiyan ROA


And so the new year begins with making kabobs – arrow kabobs, that is, of hapless warriors under the eagle eye of an acrobatic bowman. What’s interesting here is that my victims aren’t orcs, nor, as far as I can tell, are my character’s ears pointed. The game is Kochadaiiyaan: Reign of Arrows, based on a Bollywood fantasy action movie.

You play the eponymous hero of the title, defending your palace against an invading army single-handed with nothing but your bow. Instead of featuring full map movement, you navigate the environment solely by rolling from cover to cover (yes, rolling), looking for vantage points from which to shoot. Your opponents alternately send arrows, spears, axes and maces at you, or take cover. With the right vantage point, you can shoot even the covering foes.

You also have three support powers/items: healing potions, a catapult strike, and a quasi-magical rain of arrows (you shoot an arrow skyward, and it multiplies into a barrage coming down). There are also a variety of special shots you can buy, such as explosive and multi-shot.

I’m enjoying the game quite a bit for the casual archery action and the beautiful environments depicting Indian architecture, but I also get the feel that this is pretty much a game still in the making.

There are only two levels available on my Windows 8 version, I don’t know if the Android or iOS versions already have more. The controls are also aparently optimized for touch screen, as when using the mouse I keep inadvertently releasing arrows whenever I use a health potion or call in support. More support powers would also have been nice. Also, there seems to be a bug in how the game remembers money you’ve spent on upgrades; I put 2k plus gold in upgrading my bow, hoping to finish it off after the next session of play, but on logging in again I found that my gold was gone, and the bow upgrade cost reset to its original 5,000.

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