November 24, 2014

Wylz Gutierrez’ Pintados for Hari Ragat!


Announcing another Filipino artist on board for Hari Ragat, illustrator Wylz Gutierrez! Wylz specializes in images of the ancient Visayas, particularly its Pintado tattooed warriors. Here’s another piece, one commissioned specfically for the game, depicting a Karakoa warship sailing to battle:


He’s also done his research, which has resulted in the addition of another kalasagkalasag design: The shield with the ‘stem’ at the top is apparently the design used in the precolonial Visayas, while the ones we see more often such as those used in the Amaya TV seriesAmaya TV series are mostly BagoboBagobo and other Mindanao-originated designs.

Check out Wylz’ other artworks at his website!

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