November 8, 2014

While Playtesting of Hari Ragat Goes On …


I work for a living. Fortunately my wife and I have a business that we really enjoy … and leaves me time to write games in between shoots! As I post this, though, I’m anxiously awaiting word from GM’s Marc Reyes and ‘Fabs’ Fabon, who should be wrapping up the latest session of playtesting with Hari Ragat Vivid in Makati B&B just about now.

For this weekend’s adventure I dug into Cordilleran mythology, and I’m introducing a Raksasa giant for the first time. The adventure revolves around the Tinguian legend of Gawigawen, a six-headed headhunting giant.

In the legend, Gawigawen is slain by a child prodigy hero named Kanag. I kept this element in the adventure, as Gawigawen has the particular destiny of not dying unless slain ‘by the axe of the man named Kanag.’ Problem is, the original Kanag is dead! How then can the heroes fulfill the condition for killing the giant?

My first draft of the adventure felt a bit railroady, as the giant’s Bane at first was only ‘to be slain by the man named Kanag.’ A chat session with Marc, Jay Anyong of Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer, and Fabs led me to change the wording of the Bane, thus allowing a scenario with multiple possible solutions. Now I’m very curious as to which path the players took, or if they did something I totally did not expect!

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