November 20, 2014

Hari Ragat Micro-Adventures

Lapu-Lapu, Carlos Botong Francisco,1964

I’m now writing up a bunch of ‘micro-adventures’ for Hari Ragat that can be played in very short sessions to help introduce the game and its milieu. Ideally, a GM should be able to run one of these in just an hour or two, specially if using pregens. Here are some of my ideas:

Dawn Raid
Fight off a dawn raid that somehow slipped through the watchers. Introduces combat and the use of Dulohan. To thicken the plot, you may introduce an element of treachery to explain why the raid got through without warning.

Soul Thief
A man's soul is being stolen, likely by a sorcerer. The Baylan -- either a PC or GMC -- will lead the party in spirit combat to take the victim's soul back. Introduces magic and spirit combat. The spirit combat solution gets the entire party in on the adventure.

Playmate of the Fairies
A child has gone missing. Investigation of the place where the child was last seen shows diminutive footprints leading toward the scene, but none leading away! The child was in fact abducted by the Kibaan, playful fairies whose feet are on backwards. The child is being kept only as a playmate, and went willingly, but will soon start to miss her parents and real human food ... A roleplaying adventure. Introduces mythology of Hari Ragat, and ways to think of approaching supernatural beings.

Night of the Defiler
The community suddenly comes under an ancestral curse and haunting when the grave of a recently deceased Datu is desecrated. The heroes must find out and punish the defiler, and recover the heirloom Wu Long jar that is missing from the Datu's burial trove. The defiler could be a Balbal ghoul, human grave robbers, or a Kaon-Bangkay giant lizard that has accidentally ingested the vase! Introduces the concepts of ancestral reverence and the use of Bahandi goods, and ends in a quick monster or bandit hunt.

Anowang Roundup
The Datu plans a great feast and sacrifice, which requires a lot of buffalos (anowang). Since the village doesn't have that many, it's decided to capture a wild herd and fatten them up ahead of the feast. The heroes have to find and drive as many of the wary, ornery, dangerous beasts into a corral as they can. Introduces hunting mechanics with the added challenge of capturing the prey alive.

Night of the Spear Bride
The heroes have been asked to help a suitor carry off his lady love, who is being held against her will by her relatives who want to marry her off to someone else. They will have to extract the bride from the fortified compound where she's held and hold off the pursuers until they can reach safety. Introduces the Vijadesan concepts of love and marriage, the romantic themes of the genre, and running fight mechanics.

Storm Bride's Homecoming
The heroes are returning from a successful courtship, at which the groom beat a supposed descendant of the storm god for the bride's favor. Just as they are about to reach home a magical typhoon strikes. Their challenge is to land safely -- and keep the bride from being abducted by the jilted demigod who comes under cover of the storm! Introduces sailing mechanics and naval combat.

The Laughing Giant
The village is attacked by a Bungisngis, a cyclops with a penchant for demented laughing and only one weakness -- its single eye. The heroes must find a way to slay the cyclops. Introduces the concepts of scale and flea-hopping combat.

The Flower of Power
The party's shaman needs help to obtain an Agimat, which she has learned will appear in a magical jungle blossom some nights hence. The party needs to find the tree which will produce the blossom, deep within a Diwata's home territory, braving all the dangers along the way -- including the Diwata's attempts to scare or tempt them off! If the party can complete the vigil and catch the blossoming, the shaman can obtain the amulet and keep it. Introduces the concept of Agimat and how they might be won, jungle travel, and dealing with Diwatas.

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