November 1, 2014

Antique Kris Photos

Work on Hari Ragat stalled for a bit because of work followed by a 48-hour bout of insomnia that left me woozy for yet another two days after! Marc and I have been hammering out some bug fixes and interesting additions though, among them a revised Renown system that commemorates PC deeds narratively. More on those in a later post, maybe in a day or two.

In the meantime, a collector friend asked me to shoot these newly purchased kris before she packed them off for shipping her collector friend who asked for them. Enjoy. I certainly enjoyed myself shooting them.


Kris, probably  Maranao or Tausug, and probably the oldest of the lot from the silver dots inlaid along the edges and the pamor patterns in the blade.


A short kris with silver and nito-palm fiber-wrapped handle, and what looks like a bone or ivory pommel.


Kris with silver hilt and ivory pommel.


Kris with fine silver and hilt, and what looks like an ebony-ivory kakatua (stylized cockatoo-head motif) pommel.

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