October 8, 2014

Play Aid: ‘What Would My Ancestors Do?’

Playtesting of Hari Ragat continues, with Marc Reyes running sessions in Makati using his FAE conversion, and recently another Manila-based gamer, Fabs Bulwayen, running the test scenario impromptu last weekend. Thanks guys! Hoping to get after-action reports posted here soon.

One of Marc's players learns the 'Summon Stunt Double' technique of taking damage!

One of the lessons we’re learning from these playtests is that we need to help players navigate the milieu. The epic background we used in Hari Ragat is actually unfamiliar even to the typical Fiipino teenager (which points to a gaping hole in our educational program!), so sometimes they’re not sure how to proceed at certain points, or take actions with their characters that aren’t optimal or considered admirable in the setting.

Marc and I were discussing this earlier via Google hangout, and we came up with this: a ‘What Would My Ancestors Do/Know?’ card. It’s just a card, you could use a standard playing card or even a calling card. Holding it up signals the GM that you would like info that should be common knowledge to your character, or you’d like to know what the ancestors would’ve considered the proper thing to do in your character’s current situation. Likewise, the GM can hold up this card at anytime during play to impart such information to the group.

I’m getting old! I forgot to add that this: If you took a specific patron ancestor at character creation, the GM may give you an answer based on the viewpoint of your patron ancestor. So if your patron ancestor happened to be a notorious pirate, well, you’ll get a piratey reply! Arr!


  1. I like this idea. It also begs for a table in the iterations of the game, as there COULD be specific categories of knowledge that one PC's ancestors would know more about than another player. It could go even further, with a WWMAncestorsKnow Aspect or a One Unique Thing bit of flavor.

  2. Thanks John! Definitely yes on your idea! I forgot to add the bit about getting more specific info if you took a specific patron ancestor in character creation.


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