October 12, 2014

Bala and it's Fate approach

Bala in Fate vs Bala in Vivid

One of the key differences between the Fate version of Hari Ragat and the Vivid version is how Bala is handled.

By definition though they're similar:

In Vivid, Bala is a depleting resource and a rated attribute that fuels magic and acts of heroism.

In Fate, Bala is a rated attribute with it's own stress bar that fuels magic and acts of heroism.

Functionally speaking, in Vivid, Bala adds directly to your dice pool when attempting to clear contests. However in Fate, adding dice makes this similar to modifying your roll, which overlaps with how Fate Points work. I did not want to add more complications to what I perceived as the "Core" of fate, so what I did was I took the definition of Bala back to it's story definition:

"Bala is a measure of your character's spiritual power."

I interpreted this as the ability of your character to perform acts of magic or heroism, and I treat this like a Skill in Fate. So you could have Bala of Good (+3), Fair (+2) etc.

Now Bala has a depletion track, to keep it somewhat compatible with Vivid, and this is implemented in Fate via the means of a stress track. This stress track is by default equal to your rating in Bala.

By taking stress on the Bala stress track, your character can either do an act of magic or an act of heroism. Here are the definitions:

1. The Bagani Surge - You perform an act of heroism, ignoring all fatigue and physical injuries. Unless a consequence makes an act physically impossible (like you lost a hand, or limb) you cannot be compelled by any consequence for this exchange. Furthermore your action gains the aspect "Heroic prowess" which can render certain condition aspects that affect your roll inapplicable. (more on this in a later blog post)

2. The Spirit Caller's Will - You shout your will into reality, allowing your voice to reach far and wide into the incorporeal world. This allows you to act as a conduit for spirits and the magic that they can work into the world for a single exchange.

When your Bala stress track is tapped out, you can't do either of the above actions.

Regaining Bala - The Stress track will naturally clear out after each scene that you do not use Bala.

Advancement of Bala - Your Bala is treated as an Approach rating in Fate Accelerated, and when a milestone allows you to raise an approach, you may opt to raise Bala instead. However, there is a story prerequisite to raising Bala. Since in general you must consume a more powerful source of Bala to increase it, you need to play this out in game in order to justify the Bala rating increase.

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