September 15, 2014

With a Little Help from My (Spirit) Friends

Warriors aren’t the only characters with loyal followers in the Hari Ragat game. Shamans can have their loyal companions too, in the form of Umalagad – personal spirit ‘friends’ or allies who are always invisibly with them and may lend a hand in various situations depending on their nature.

In game terms, you use Umalagad as a resource just like a warrior would use his pool of Dulohan followers; spend from your Umalagad pool when you want your Umalagad to exert themselves to help you at something.

Sounds useful, eh? In fact, some specially blessed warriors, specially those belonging to illustrious lineages, may have Umalagad too.

Possessing Umalagad reflects a special relationship with one aspect of the spirit world. Your Umalagad may be ancestor spirits, nature spirits, or something else. Here are some possibilities:

Guardian Spirits
Both shamans and rulers have access to Guardian Spirits. These are ancestral spirits who attach themselves to you to protect your life; you can spend them to avoid death just like Bala. They do nothing else.

Wisdom Spirits
Wisdom Spirits are ancestral spirits who are wise and are good at dealing with other spirits. They are available and useful only to shamans, as their purpose is to give the shaman aid in making invocations. You can spend your Wisdom Spirits for bonus dice in making invocations. They do nothing else.

Valor Spirits
Valor Spirits are the spirits of your great warrior ancestors, who bind themselves to you to help you achieve victory in battle. They are accessible to all kinds of heroes. You may spend Valor Spirits to give you bonus dice in combat rolls. Valor Spirits however do not help you absorb damage.

Bane Spirits
Bane Spirits are vengeful, sometimes outrightly malevolent spirits of the dead who can aid a shaman or sorcerer in working harm to others. For shamans, they're usually ancestors who've bound themselves to the shaman for a specific purpose, usually vengeance on some old enemy. For sorcerers, they're usually the spirits of the unburied dead, sought out and enslaved for the purpose of working curses. Bane Spirits are spent in invoking curses; they do nothing else.

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