September 22, 2014

Spiritwalking in Hari Ragat

Finally, inspiration again! Had a bad cold last night, but woke up much fresher this morning after an early sleep and with new ideas. For starters, I tackled the long-delayed section on Spiritwalking. Please have a look and let me know what you think!


All shamans also possess the Spiritwalking ability. This enables the shaman, while in trance, to detach their soul from their physical shell and wander about the world as an incorporeal, invisible spirit, able to move at the speed of thought.

During the spiritwalk the shaman can see and hear as though she were physically there; however, the senses of smell, taste and touch do not function. Moreoever being incorporeal she cannot hold, move or lift anything. The spiritwalker can only communicate with sleeping people by appearing in their dreams; to communicate normally with those awake, she must Manifest, see below.

During a spiritwalk the shaman's body lies an an inert state of suspended animation, and is incapable of moving or defending itself. Moreover, during the spiritwalk the spiritwalker is visible to all spirits, and can interact with them including being attacked.

Breaking Through Spirit Barriers

There are times when a spiritwalking shaman will want to do something extraordinary during the spiritwalk, which requires breaking through some kind of spirit barrier. These feats are rolled as Quick Contests as described below:


To communicate with a living, waking person the spiritwalker must Manifest, making herself temporarily visible and audible, though still incorporeal. Manifesting requires a Benchmark Roll vs. the barriers between spirit and matter, Target Number 4.

Entering Dreams

A spiritwalker can freely enter the dreams of any sleeping friend or relative she knows personally. To enter the dreams of anyone else, she must win a Quick Contest vs. that person's lowest Role rating, unless it's also a shaman, in which case the contest is vs. the target's Role rating as a shaman.

Penetrating Warded Areas

Sometimes a spiritwalker may want to enter an area that has been warded against other spirits, or specifically against her. This is resolved as a Quick Contest vs. the strength of the ward. For example, Liwanag wants to spiritwalk into a Raksasa's cave palace; the GM sets the strength of the ward here at 5 dice, so that's what Liwanag's player must roll against.

Travel to Sulad

Sulad is not warded, but is so far and so powerfully covered with an aura of holiness that spiritwalking into it is like climbing a high mountain. This is rolled as an Extended Contest to 3 Victory Points, Opposition 10 dice. While in Sulad, the spiritwalker may request audience with any of the gods or ancestor spirits, and cannot be refused.

Spirit Combat

A spiritwalker may engage any kind of spirit in Spirit Combat. Spirit Combat is resolved like ordinary person to person combat, using the Extended Contest mechanics. However, damage usually is taken straight to Bala or Anito Dice, as physical armor and shields don't work, nor do weapons without a quality that allows their use in the spirit realm.

A spiritwalker usually appears in spirit combat as herself, with her own clothes and weapons. However, certain Secrets or amulets may allow her to assume other spirit forms at will, which may give Advantage vs. certain kinds of spirits. For example, a manaul-feather agimat will allow her to take the spirit form of a manaul eagle, giving Advantage vs. serpentine spirits like a Naga.

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