September 25, 2014

Fated Bagani Warrior: FAE

Fated Bagani Warrior_Page_1

This is one of Marc’s pregen’d characters for the Fate Accelerated Edition playtest of Hari Ragat, which is coming in the next week or so. Marc modified the character slightly from the Vivid version, adding a Trouble that had me in stitches with glee over the sheer story potential for this character. Click to see a larger version (opens in new window/tab).

This Bagani has an interesting back story, he was born an Orang Malaya, a commoner, but has recently been elevated to nobility for his deeds. However, he’s also saddled with a Huge Extended Family, most of them quite poor, and they all think he’s wealthy now that he’s a noble! Glancing at his Wealth, though, it’s only rated Mediocre. This poor bastard will be dogged at almost every step by importuning relatives. On the plus side, however, a huge family could easily extend outside Hiyasan, so in the FATE game the player can just pay a Fate Point at any port and say ‘Hey, I’ve got a cousin here!’

Stay tuned for the actual play report!

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