September 14, 2014

Fate of the Jangalans : Secrets of the Fate version of Hari Ragat

Work continues on the FAE conversion of Hari Ragat.While most of the game will be running on a straight up FAE port, there will be unique subsystems built in that would give a slightly different feel.

One of these are the Secrets.

Unlike the Vivid version, Secrets in the Fate version of Hari Ragat are specialized stunts that rely on a triggering condition to be used, and usually grant bonus actions or other effects

What is a bonus action? It is the opportunity to execute one of the four actions (attack, defend, create an advantage or overcome) as a "free action" that doesn't count as part of the player's turn. The Secret determines the type of action that can be executed.

Here's an example:

Secret of the Living Hand
This Secret is usable with any kind of sword, so long as the off-hand is free (no shield). You may create an Advantage whenever you try to punch your opponent, or parry his attacks, or seize his weapon from him with your free hand, so long as your opponent doesn't have a shield.
Trigger: You are in melee range and have a sword and a free hand. Your opponent has no shield.

Effect: When you make a melee attack make a bonus Create Advantage action with your free hand before you make your attack.

How does this work? When you make your attack, and you meet the trigger condition of the Secret (that is you are in melee range and have a sword, a free hand and your opponent doesn't have a shield) You may take an additional Create Advantage action representing your actions with your free hand, either to punch your opponent, do a feint,or grab a weapon or arm to unbalance your foe. The aspect that you made, would then be valid for you to invoke when you make your attack. 

Other Secrets have Aspects as Triggering Conditions, making players use the Create Advantage action to "set up" to trigger a Secret. 

Here's another example:

Secret of the Weaving Blade
This deceptive style of fighting was developed specially for the kris. The blade is kept in continuous motion, even transferred from one hand to the other if not using a shield or second weapon, to confuse the foe. You may claim Advantage for using this in melee combat.
Trigger: Place the “Mesmerizing Blades” aspect on your opponent. Mesmerizing Blades may be Overcome with a successful Intelligence action.
Effect: After attacking, if your opponent used Dexterity to defend, their defense is automatically defeated as if they rolled a -1 on the defense roll. The Mesmerizing Blades aspect on your opponent is removed after you attack. You may pay a Fate Point to the opponent to compel them to use Dexterity to defend, invoking the Mesmerizing Blades aspect. 

Essentially Secrets allow you in certain cases, to get 2 moves of actions when you take one move. Secrets are possessed by both the players and their NPC antagonists. The "Secrets" of Animals or beasts are called "Surprises." 

What do you think? 

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