September 16, 2014

Fate of the Jangalans: FAE Customizations: Approaches

In the Fate Accelerated version of Hari Ragat, the approaches will follow a way similar to how Fate Freeport is doing it: Using the familiar d20 spread of attributes.

We decided to implement it this way to make the system more accessible to our players. I mean we anticipate that they're going to have enough trouble as it is due to the exotic setting... we wanted the system to be as familiar as possible.

So here's how we are mapping the approaches for the Fate Accelerated version of Hari Ragat:

Strength - You're using the muscles and physical power to solve the problem.
Dexterity - You're using your speed, balance and agility to solve the problem.
Constitution - You're using your endurance or innate toughness to solve the problem.
Intelligence - You use your intelligence, reasoning or logic to solve a problem.
Wisdom - You use Willpower, awareness and common sense to solve a problem. 
Charisma - You solve a problem using Personality or Deception to solve a problem

Note, all of them can be used to execute any of the four actions, though usually the first three approaches are valid in a physical contest, while the last three are valid in a social contest. or in magic. 

There's this idea about the "validity" of an approach. The GM and the people at the table will need to decide if a particular approach is valid. For example, you can defend against an unarmed or blunt weapon attack with either Strength, Dexterity or Constitution. But against weapons with edges or piercing points, you can only use Strength, representing a parry, or Dexterity, representing a dodge. After all it doesn't make sense for you to defend with your body if it's going to get cut or stabbed!

What do you guys think about how we plan to implement approaches?

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