September 18, 2014

Character Goals and Paths for Hari Ragat

It’s always easier to roleplay when you have a concrete objective for your character, and in the case of Hari Ragat, can help guide your character choices and play even if you’re not familiar with the milieu. Thinking along these lines, I got the idea of describing some goal-based ‘paths’ that you can take for your character:

The Quest for Fame
Renown is the basis for all advancement in the game. All character types need Renown to advance. You gain Renown from any and all of the following:

a) Defeating dangerous foes, human or animal, natural or supernatural;

b) Performing social feats that increase your status – throwing grand feasts, marrying into a high lineage, winning titles, making grand gestures of generosity or honor, etc.;

c) Completing long and dangerous journeys, exploring new lands, and founding new settlements.

The Path of the Pintado Warrior
You want to accumulate powerful Tattoos that show off your prowess and great deeds, and which give you power to perform even greater deeds.

The Path of the Bagani Warrior
You want to perfect yourself in the martial arts, and for this you want to locate the Guro who can impart to you more and rare Secrets of fighting.

The Path of the Manlalayag
You want to earn a reputation as a great voyager and explorer. Your goals should thus include acquiring or improving your ship, increasing your Dulohan crew, and going on epic journeys.

The Path of the Manunugis
You wish to earn a reputation as a great hunter and slayer of dangerous beasts, particularly the supernatural monsters that lurk in the depths of the sea or the jungle. To this end you want to accumulate fighting Secrets, Treasures and Tattoos that help you deal with such beasts.

The Path of the Kadatuan
You wish to rise to rulership, and gain the right to new and higher titles, e.g. to rise from a simple warrior to Datu, from Datu to Lakan or Rajah, and even all the way to Rajah Hari Ragat if you can. To do this you must accumulate Yaman (wealth) and Dulohan (followers); secondarily, you will also want to accumulate Bahandi (heirloom treasures) because Bahandi is key to marrying up and sealing diplomatic deals.

The Path of the Babaylan
You wish to rise in the favor of the gods and spirits, in particular the Diwatas of your homeland and your Anitos, or ancestor spirits. This increased favor is cemented in the form of Lores (things the spirits or older shamans teach) and Compacts (bargains made with specific spirits).

The Path of the Witch Hunter
You wish to gain a reputation as a formidable witch hunter, a slayer of evil sorcerers, demons and abominations like the Aswang. To this end you want to accumulate Katalunan Secrets for fighting evil beings, Treasures such as enchanted weapons, and appropriate Lores and Compacts.

It’s possible to orient your character to a path that’s different from your ‘character class,’ if I may use the term.  For example, your character may be a Hunter, but wish to become a Datu; this means you should adopt the goals of the Path of the Kadatuan too.

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