July 2, 2014

Showing Off for the Ancestors

In Hari Ragat, Anito Dice represents the favor of the ancestors and is mainly the responsibily of the shaman character to obtain. Metagame-wise, Anito Dice (AD’s) also serve to encourage role playing in the milieu, as it rewards character actions that conform to the Vijadesan ideals.

One of my core ideas for Anito Dice is that they should accumulate during combat, so that toward the latter part of a battle you’ve got a larger pool to spend. But what if you don’t have a shaman character in the party to spend time invoking the ancestors in battle? Well, I said Anito Dice are menat to reward role playing in the milieu, so what if heroes could obtain some AD’s themselves through heroic feats?

The basic mechanic: Describe an action that’s meant to impress the ancestors with your bravery or skill or prowess. Whatever Victory Points you gain can be divided between affecting the foe – e.g damage or some other effect – and Anito Dice.

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