July 10, 2014

Hari Ragat: Art by Diwa

More art coming in from my main artist, Diwa Fernandez Velez! I hope you’ll find this as awesome as I do! Above is the final, full version of Sumakwel’s meeting with the sea god Apu Laut, where the god names him the first Rajah Hari Ragat.

Final version of the serpent-goddess Oryol, who in the Hari Ragat setting is responsible for engendering many of the terrible monsters that afflict mankind, such as the Bakunawa and the giant races. I got the idea of Oryol from the Bikolano epic Ibalon. I’m really loving the detail in those tattoo patterns Dee added.


Finally, here’s a concept sketch for the Rite of Calling Back the Soul, the Hari Ragat version of the resurrection spell. A baylan or babaylan can’t just cast this spell, but must struggle mightily against the full might of the ancestors to win this supreme favor; she can die in the process.

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