May 29, 2014

Atlantis Fallen: Atlantean Legacies for PCs

My main premise for Atlantis Fallen is that player characters are survivors of Atlantis. They are civilized people, used to a life of decadence and luxury, suddenly thrown into the a savagely primeval world of the mainlands, where they have to learn to survive.

However, each PC gets a choice of three Atlantean items to start with. The idea is these are the few personal treasures you were able to grab and bring along in the confusion of fleeing Atlantis as it sank. Initial ideas for the choices, in no particular order, include:

Also called the Ik’kharu, this is a wearable pair of wings and a liftstone powered by an orgolith, that enables personal flight. The liftstone provides the lift, and the wings are strapped to the arms; these are used for propulsion and maneuvering.

Orichalcum Weapons
Orichalcum is the special Atlantean form of bronze. Super-hard and uncorrodable, it makes for blades of superior sharpness and lightness for their strength. It’s also near-unbreakable. Ordinary bronze weapons by comparison tend to be brittle.

Orichalcum Armor
Armor of super-hard orichalcum, much harder and stronger for its weight than any other armor.

An orgolith (orgone + stone) that is keyed to your mind and body; you can tap it for extra life force, enabling you to perform great physical feats, resist fatigue, and recover from injury or disease far faster than normal.  Like all orgoliths, it can only be charged from the Mother Crystal which lies in sunken Atlantis. It’s meant to be an initial Atlantean advantage that will gradually be lost over the campaign as you get stronger in other ways.

Atlantean Bow and Arrows
The Atlantean bow is a composite bow, far more powerful and reliable than the cruder simple bows used by the peoples of Uropa and Azatlan. Its main benefit is greater range.

Atlantean Wingboat
This skiff-size vessel can carry 4-6 people, and is powered by an orgolith. It can only fly for a limited time before its energy crystal runs out of power – and because the Mother Crystal where it recharges from is sunk with Atlantis, you likely can’t get this to fly again after you use up the charges.

Atlantean Horse
The Atlantean horse, bred from spirited wild stock captured in Tartessia, is larger and stronger than the horses found elsewhere in Uropa and the Great Plains of Mictlan. You can ride it faster and for longer periods than the little Mictlan ponies, which are only good for pulling chariots.

Orgon Staff
The weapon of Atlantean priests and philosophers, the orgon staff is a weapon powered by an orgolith. When it touches flesh, it releases energy in a form like electricity, stunning the target. Again, though, limited uses: it will last pretty long, but not infinitely.

Ancient Grimoire
You have smuggled away a tome of dangerous, forbidden lore that allows you to contact the denizens from Beyond the Void, if you can follow the grisly rites described. Beware though, for this book was written by a madman, whose grammar fled with his sanity …

Prehuman Idol
This stone statuette depicts an obscene, horrific being from the dim eons before Man, and grants you Advantage to contact and summon that being, or borrow its powers. Beware, though, for it may be using you as much as you think you’re using it …

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