March 8, 2014

Hari Ragat: More Appealing Roles

Had an online meeting with my collaborator Marc Reyes this morning, and came up with some more ideas for Hari Ragat as a result. One of the points raised was ‘what makes one Role more appealing than another?’ for a player.

Princess Urduja

So, in the interest of having A Different Cool Thing for each Role (read, Character Class) in Hari Ragat, I came up with this:

Warriors get one Tattoo for free. This encourages the creation of Pintado-type characters, whose tats are evidence and measure of their fighting prowess. Do click on the link by the way for sampler of artist Wylz Gutierrez’ art; awesome depictions of ancient Visayan tattooed warriors!

Hunters may choose to have either Junglewalker or Slayer of Beasts for free. One makes you better at tracking and jungle travel/being a jungle guide, the other makes you better at fighting beasts and animal-like monsters (but not humanoid giants or the like).

Corsairs, being voyagers who need crews and of course tend to accumulate loot and souvenirs, get the choice of a free +1 to either Wealth, Bahandi (ritual goods wealth), or Dulohan (followers).

Amazons get the Secret of Urduha’s Vow for free. Adherence to this vow gives them +1 Bala and Advantage to rally their followers in battle. (This is of course a homage to the legendary Princess Urduha, supposed to have once ruled the kingdom of Tawalisi in what is now Pangasinan).

Babaylan shamanesses may take either Immaculate or Beloved of the Ancestors for free.

Katalunan shamans may take either Tamer of Diwatas or Scourge of the Night (bonus vs. sorcerers, aswang and the like) for free.

Asog shamans may take At the Gates of Life and Death for free, giving them better chances at contacting the recently dead and at bringing the dying back to life.


  1. Linking to your post about the undead, how about a shaman knowing how to "purify" a specific creature? I haven't read your back log so I don't know all the class powers. I found this site via blog-talk about non-euro gaming settings. After seeing the movie Queen of Langkasuka, I can imagine some of what you're crafting here.

    1. Hi Lee! Yup, that's definitely a possibility in the game. Undead in Hari Ragat can be 'purified' to send them to rest, using the correct funeral rites. But since funeral rites differ from people to people, there's a class of undead in this setting that can only be purified by a Wu Long Golden Path monk!


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