March 11, 2014

Hari Ragat and Tekumel, Part 2

Found another interesting parallel between Hari Ragat and Tekumel. Well, it shouldn’t be that surprising considering how M.A.R. Barker was sourcing inspirations from across South Asia, including Southern India and very likely the lands of Suvarnabumi (Southeast Asia) – but I personally think this one rocks.


This is a Tsolyanu plaque from the Empire of the Petal Throne sourcebook. Note the script: it’s one invented by the Professor.


And this is a tracing of the Laguna Copperplate, a real archaeological artifact from around 900 AD found in Laguna province, Luzon island. It’s written in a form of Baybayin script, which was developed from Javanese Kawi script, which in turn is South Indian in derivation.

Now I’m actually getting inspired to do a variant font of Baybayin specifically for Hari Ragat – maybe to use as a calligraphic border design, or something …

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