March 18, 2014

Hari Ragat and FATE: Meeting Log w/ Marc

Just had an online meeting with Marc, where we clarified the Vivid rules and brainstormed how to do the FATE conversion. Things agreed on included:

  • Hari Ragat will be converted to FATE Accelerated Edition (FAE), as we think it’s a better fit;

  • Marc finds enough similarities between Vivid and FATE that conversion should be easy; however they’re also different enough that the flavor of the game will be slightly different in each;

  • Thanks to John Till, we’re preparing for a playtest with a U.S.-based group, specifically in Minneapolis; however as Marc may not be staying there til August as originally planned, we’ll have to do as much testing as possible before he’s flown back to the Philippines;

  • I need to prep Character Templates, for use in the upcoming U.S. playtest and the published product; also a Cheat Sheet for using the Vivid system, and an adventure;

  • 5 Traits at start is a bit too powerful; we’re reducing this to 3 or 4;

  • New idea – Tattoos bind spirits to your character’s body, which has side effects; this may be behavioral, for example Tattoos of Ferocity make you more belligerent – and the Tattoos of Virility make you want to prove their efficacy all the time!

  • I need to write up some GM advice for certain situations, such as boss battles; the rules already exist for making boss battles more formidable, but GMs new to Vivid could use tips how to maximize them;

  • Marc finds the combat rules as written cinematic and tactical at the same time, it’s a game of guessing what Advantages might work and how to negate a strong opponent’s Advantages;

  • I like that, because this means the GM is no longer subjectively giving bonus dice, but has a good benchmark to decide who gets them; the fiction is also reinforced as player experience because players are encouraged and rewarded for finding creative ways of winning.

  • Ways of negating or denying Traits will be written into their descriptions. This is pretty obvious for weapon- and shield-based Secrets – simply deprive the foe of that weapon or shield – but there are also Traits that have more specific and complex weaknesses. For example, having a legendary Ancestor works for you only as long as you’re in favor with that ancestor – so if someone could get that ancestor pissed off at you …


  1. Looking forward to trying things out.

  2. Hope you do! I'd offer to run the playtest myself via Skype or G+, but given the time zone differences it's better if someone there does it. More time to talk about how the game went afterward. Ergo, Marc. :-)


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