February 7, 2014

Hari Ragat: the Odto-odto (High Noon) Viper

Continuing my thread of having a bestiary that’s well-integrated with the milieu’s folklore, and a different sort of challenge. This time, the challenge is less combat and more to the healer who must race against time to save the victims of this snake. There’s no Renown to be won for killing this snake, but there is Renown for healing someone of its poison.


Odto-odto (High Noon Viper)
This tiny snake's name literally means 'noon to noon,' for anyone bitten by it is said to die by noon of the next day. In game terms, this snake is a challenge to the heroes' best healer, or the heroes' ability to find a healer in time: odto-odto venom will knock out its victim within 1d6 rounds, that is within a minute or so of being bitten, after which the victim's companions have until noon the next day to get the victim treated. The snake is recognizable by its diminutive size – it rarely even grows beyond ten inches – and its coloration of black and yellow bands.

Odto-odto 3/1, Small and Easy to Miss, Common, Venom (Kills by Noon the Next Day), Renown Value 0; note that this snake is so small it does no damage except through its venom

Odto Venom 3/5, Renown Value 8; this Renown can be won by a shaman/healer who successfully treats an Odto-odto victim.

The awesome power of the Odto-odto's venom has made this snake a symbol of fear and reverence to the Vijadesans. It's said the ancestors will sometimes send warnings in the form of an Odto-odto appearing inside one's house; if it appears at the door it means one should stay in and cancel whatever venture he was about to embark on, if found in the bedchamber it means one's spouse or family is about to betray him. Sometimes shamans make pets of this snake, as a sign of their power.

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