January 28, 2014

Directions for Hari Ragat 2014

Hi All! Just got back from a short visit to Manila, which ended on a very good note. Marc Reyes, who’ll be doing the FATE conversion of Hari Ragat, was able to make time from moving flats to meet with me and we were able to hammer out some important new directions and resolutions for releasing our game. I’ll put them in bullet points below, since there’s so much ground to cover:

  • We’ll be releasing an ‘ashcan’ version with minimal  art in modular form within a few weeks. Since very few are aware of this project yet, or what the milieu and gameplay are really like, we want to give as many gamers as possible a means to try it easily.

  • The first component out will be a Basic Play package that lets you generate characters, hometowns, and play out simple scenarios like fighting off a raid, and this will be FREE. Succeeding modules such as monster creation, naval and mass combat, and setting packages will be released as cheap downloads on RPGnow. Though my time for producing game materials will be less this year, this is easily doable as all the material’s written up already, I just have to break it down into modular chunks.

  • Marc will be working in the USA from February to around August or September (specifically, Minneapolis). From there he’ll be able to launch the next leg of our campaign to get Hari Ragat off the ground, which is to run a Kickstarter for art. We’re still sadly lacking in art, and the artists we really want charge US rates because they’re already contributing to US comics; the Kickstarter will give us the capital to go for those.

  • While Marc’s in Minneapolis he’s also ready to run Hari Ragat demos for anyone willing to meet up there. (No, you needn’t wear a bahag to play!)

  • Material is 97% fully written up, with only the bestiary to round off. I’m still on the fence with some iconic monsters from Philippine lower mythology, but we’re getting there. There will be new additions from Manobo myth, thanks to my opportunity to interview Datu Roger Limbo of the Tiguahanon Manobos late last year.

  • We’ve also realized that a lot of gamers, specially of our generation, are playing more and more online thru Google Hangout or other chat service. So we’re tweaking the Vivid system for online play.

  • We’ve also realized that our material seems to appeal to Tekumel fans (Hi +John Till, +Howard Fielding!), so we’re trying to think of ways to reach out to more Tekumel fans. One of the items Marc brought up was the rise of 3D printing.

    As I’ve started to learn how to model in 3D, even to making mod items for Mount and Blade, it may be feasible in the not-so-far future to produce Hari Ragat minis thru 3D printing. If such a thing as ‘3D Print-on-Demand’ becomes available we could go that way.

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