January 4, 2014

2014: New Directions, Old Commitments

Fire Dancer taken at Crocodile Park, Davao City

2013 was both a good year and a very bad one for me. On the plus side, it marked, finally, the takeoff of our career as a husband-and-wife team of photographers with our projects for the Department of Tourism and the National Commission of Culture and Arts, we found a dream location for our studio, we got to visit Japan, and I finally got to complete and release my anthology Swords of the Four Winds. A lot of issues were cleared up, and Cathy and I have grown even firmer in our decision to stay in Davao City.

On the other hand, I lost my dad, two uncles, a cousin, and a good friend. On top of that we had the grief and frustration brought by Typhoon Haiyan and the Bohol Earthquake. I say little about it elsewhere, as I’ve nothing to say no one’s said before, but this latest exposure of how useless our government and its idiotic politicians were is really depressing.

So what’s up for 2014? As Hari Ragat co-designer Marc observed to me, Vic’s passing was a wakeup call that we have to answer. Time is passing. This year, we will complete Hari Ragat and release it. I’ll also be doing a lot more writing and shooting, and together they’re likely to give me much less time to blog or be active on social networks.

I’ve found our dream subject, the indigenous peoples of Mindanao, and a means to become more involved with them and learn more of their culture through our commissions to photograph the NCCA’s cultural revival program. Which means wifey and I will likely be disappearing into the boondocks for days or weeks on end through the coming year. In terms of the gaming scene, though, I guess this means I’ll be doing next to zero gaming in 2014.

The biggest hurdle for me now is playtesting Hari Ragat. With no time to run a game, I’ll be needing help. Marc will run the FATE version playtests, but I’ll need someone to try running the Vivid playtest in my stead. I could also really use some reviews for my works, crossing my fingers and hoping I’ve got some good ones coming. And if they’re not good – what the heck, let’s try harder with Volume II!

Strangely enough, what this boils down to is taking some new directions, but all in pursuit of some old, old dreams.


  1. You can run your VIVID playtests via Google Hangouts. Let's discuss more during our conference call.

  2. I'll have to try to find time for that. Part of the challenge is that my shoots will likely happen on weekends, so common time with the playtest group will be harder to find.


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