November 27, 2013

Swords of the Four Winds is on Amazon!


At last! I’ve finally finished editing and laying out Swords of the Four Winds, and it’s now up on the Amazon Kindle Store. Print-on-demand version will be coming up – I’ve a shoot over all of the coming week starting this weekend, so let’s see if I can get the CreateSpace version up in time for Christmas!

Thanks to my incredibly patient wife Cathy and to artist Raymund Bermudez for helping me produce this book!


  1. Looks Good! But how do I order a print version?

  2. Hi Howard! I'm fixing up to release on Amazon CreateSpace within a couple of weeks or so - stay posted!

  3. Hi Dariel, I was so excited I went to Amazon and then commented w/o reading your full post! Waitign [im]patiently! :-)

    For Hari Ragat also... :-)

  4. Working on that! Layout of Swords of the Four Winds for print is about 70% complete ... would it be too long a delay if I took another week to put in another story and maybe another illustration for the print edition?

  5. Looks like that next story and additional illos will have to wait for Volume 2 :-) Turns out that I have to watch the page count, as CreateSpace puts a surcharge on additional pages, and the current version's already 332 pages. So watch out for Volume 2 sometime next year! :-)


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