November 29, 2013

Swords of the Four Winds in Print!


Woohoo! Swords of the Four Winds print edition is now up on Amazon CreateSpace! To order a print copy please visit If you prefer to order through, the link there should be up by next week. Thanks!

I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to come up with my back-cover blurb. I’ve always been bad at tooting my own horn, but finally I think I cobbled one together that sums up what SOFW is about:

“Five desperate warrior heroes swash and buckle and slay across the exotic landscapes of an original, Asian-inspired setting in eleven novella-length tales. From serpent-goddess temples in the jungle lands to the snowy peaks and hidden valleys of the Drokpa Mountains, Swords of the Four Winds delivers rousing sword and sorcery adventures in the classic vein, rife with cruel schemes, betrayals, grisly magic, and swift, savage swordplay.”

And, oh yeah, this marketing noob forgot to mention: two of the stories in this anthology are based in the Hari Ragat setting!


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