September 18, 2013

Why Play Hari Ragat? 10 Cool Features

There are times when I wonder why I’m even doing this project. Times when I ask myself, why slave over designing a new game when there are already so many awesome games out there? When I ask myself why would a gamer even want to check out Hari Ragat? So I made myself list down at least 5 things that a gamer would find cool – and came up with 10:

1) Epic adventure in a unique, rich Southeast Asian-inspired setting

2) Heroes united by a common hometown they must protect and can build up from humble village to mighty kingdom

3) Option to play an Arthurian-style campaign to determine the next Rajah Hari Ragat

4) Fast and easy character creation with many colorful, setting-specific options

5) Adventure auction mechanic encourages players to suggest adventures they want to play, and attract the other players to help out; GM just has to fill in some blanks

6) Played using a system that encourages colorful, cinematic action

7) Fighting Secrets based on Kali/Eskrima techniques

8) Risky, usually low-key but potentially very powerful spirit magic, and unique shaman powers and perks

9) Ancestor spirit-based group resource encourages players to role play and immerse in the setting

10) Easy to use rules for sailing, jungle travel, naval combat, mass combat, and social competitions from intrigue to boasting to courtship!

And of course the most important reason – I love the setting to bits. This is the game I wanna run and call my coolest campaign ever. And the good news – I’m already editing the draft.


  1. Sounds good to me, where can you find it?
    Although one question would be why don't you do that with, say, Fate. You know people would ask you if you get around to publishing it!

  2. Hi Asen, thanks for dropping by! Hari Ragat is still in playtesting, it'll be out in both FATE Accelerated Edition and Vivid before the end of the year!


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