September 17, 2013

Less Fiddly Travel Mechanics for Hari Ragat

Eureka! I’m revisiting the travel mechanics I created for Hari Ragat and came up with an alternative that I think works better.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may recall that I earlier came up with mechanics that called for rolls vs. the environment to cross it. Well, on reading that again I started to think it was a bit too fiddly, so I came up with something that’s more narrative, requires less rolls, and is more easily customizable to what the players want.

Every journey now takes place in one, two, three or more Stages depending on how far your destination is and other factors. Sea voyages against the monsoon winds, for example, require an extra Stage. Each Stage is an encounter of some sort; it could be against foes who will fight you, monsters who will try to devour you, a highland tribe that won’t let you pass, or even a ruler who’d like to have you over for dinner, but you’ll have to impress his court!

GM and players may collaborate on what they want to have happen in each Stage. For example, if you players are itching to test yourselves against a Raksasa giant, fine, we’ll have a Raksasa move against you in one Stage. Or you may ask for a certain amount of Renown for the Stage, and the GM can cook up an encounter to fit.

Successfully completing the trials of a Stage lets you move on to the next Stage. Failure means another Stage may be added. Complete all the Stages required, and bam, you’re at your final destination.

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