September 17, 2013

Hari Ragat: Traits for Shaman Characters

Yup, looks like the shaman class is in for the core game after all. However, I’m recommending that GMs only allow one in the group. Shamans in Hari Ragat as I’ve posted before come in three varieties, the female babaylan, the male katalunan, and the asog, who are transvestites. The differences in their powers manifest in the Traits available only to them, such as:

So long as you break no taboos, you radiate a powerful aura of purity that makes Prayers and Rites of cleansing and healing easier for you. You may claim Advantage from this to heal, break curses, and drive away evil spirits. Moreover, you are immune to Terror. If you break a taboo, this Trait is blocked until you have made amends to the spirits for it. This is only available to babaylan.

Beloved of the Ancestors
You are a special favorite of your lineage’s ancestor spirits. This gives you Advantage for any Rites and Prayers in which the spirits you roll against are your ancestor spirits. This benefit will not apply, for example, if your Rite involves rolling against a diwata. This is only available to babaylan.

Diwata Tamer
The force of your personality helps you resist and overawe diwatas, specially the lesser ones. You may claim Advantage from this in any Prayers or Rites directed at diwata. This is only available to katalunan.

Scourge of the Night
Your spiritual strength and force of personality are feared by the evil spirits and other supernatural forces of darkness. You may claim Advantage from this in any Prayers or Rites, and even physical combat, against any evil spirit, aswang, sorcerers and witches. Moreover, you are immune to Terror. This is only available to katalunan.

At the Gates of Life and Death
You can easily find and stand at the borders between Life and Death in the spirit world, from where you have Advantage to control the passage of a spirit from one to the other. This gives you Advantage to any Prayers or Rites for safe childbirth, reviving the dying, and laying the unquiet dead to rest. This is only available to asog.

Diwata Blood
You are descended from a diwata, and her blood runs strongly in your veins. You have +2 Bala, and a maximum of 7 Bala. However your diwata nature also makes you take offence easily, thus making you more likely to cast involuntary curses. When rolling to see if you cast an involuntary curse, rolling even a single 1 means you did.

Ancestral Familiar
One of your ancestor spirits has been reborn as an animal and attached itself to you as a familiar, for purposes of its own. Choose a purpose, and a small animal as your familiar’s form: the usual taken are snakes, birds, or civet cats, all forms you can carry on your person or can easily travel with you.

The familiar cannot speak, but it can communicate with you by signs and empathy, and it aids you in performing Rites which further its aims (claim Advantage). In addition, you may use the familiar to distract or attack opponents in combat, but this risks its life. Familiars use the same rules in combat as normal Companions, see above.

Totemic Twin
You were born with an animal ‘twin’ – perhaps it was physically born with you, or it was born or hatched at the exact same moment as you, and your soul is linked to this creature.

You may exchange souls with your animal ‘twin’ at will, allowing you to travel, scout and even fight in its form while its soul sleeps within your human body. Your totemic twin will also do its best to protect you when you are in danger and it is nearby.

Unfortunately, this close link is a double-edged sword: the injuries of one are always suffered equally by the other, and if one dies, so does the other twin.

Gift of Prophecy
You have a special gift for seeing the future and reading fate. You gain Advantage to perform the Rites of Divination and the Prayer/Rite for Victory.

Witch Sniffer
You have a knack for detecting the traces of dark magic on people, places and things, which gives you Advantage to find out and identify witches and sorcerers, including aswang.

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