September 2, 2013

Hari Ragat: Boasting Mechanics

Had to pause work on Hari Ragat through most of August so I could be with my dad through what turned out to be his last days. Well, I’m back now, and I better get cracking because I don’t know how much time I’ll have left to write when wifey and I open our studio!

New addition for this week is boasting mechanics. Just as you play D&D for treasure and XP, Hari Ragat is played for Renown; situations in the game have real meaning if there is Renown to to be won or lost. In this game, you can even win Renown at parties. 

Vijadesan feasts often culminate in drinking marathons accompanied by boasting. This is resolved as a contest where the competitors take turns rolling against each other’s Orang Dakila ability (which represents skill at oration, manners, leadership, etc.).  The stake is an amount of Renown set by the GM based on the Renown Value of the highest-ranked or most famous character present.

Victory means you out-boasted your competitor, and Defeat means you had to sit down in shame. A Stay (tie) means the current contest continues, possibly with tempers fraying if a contest goes on for too long. Yup, a boasting contest gone wrong may very well end up in a brawl or a duel!

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