September 30, 2013

Confessions of a Jaded Geek: 30/30

The last day of the 30-day D&D Challenge is about your favorite Dungeon Master/s. Yup, I’m making that plural because I do have multiple favorites. No DM was ever perfect for me, but then there’s no such thing anyway. Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed the games of various DMs for different things:

There was Augs, my very first DM, who had a very laid-back yet technical approach to the rules; he made lots of allowances, but could use the rules very aggressively to challenge his players.

There was JJ, whose rulings I often disagreed with, but who ran some of the absolutely funniest scenarios I’ve ever gotten into.

There was Vic, the other Cabazor brother, who didn’t DM much but tried his best to get a good, entertaining story going despite the insanity of his players.

And there was Adrian, the dedicated storyteller, who would’ve thrown all the rules aside in his quest for a good story but needed the technical backup when we players got weird.

Save for JJ, I would get to join quite a few non-D&D games with these other DMs, so I really remember them more for their overall style than for just their D&D style alone. Learned a lot from all of them too. Since I’ve not occupied a player’s chair once in the past few years, always running my own games, that was really really useful.

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