September 20, 2013

Confessions of a Jaded Geek: 23/30

Day 23 of the 30-day D&D Challenge asks for my most disliked monster. It’s this one:


Yup, this gigantic flea-like thing is the Rust Monster, bane of all adventurers who made bad starting money rolls. I hate it because it makes no sense to me at all. It exists solely to endanger PCs by taking away their armor and weapons. There’s nothing heroic about having to deal with one, just fear of material loss. Rust monsters have never existed in any of my (admittedly few) D&D games.

As a sci-fi monster, however, I could imagine making this critter smaller, say cockroach-size, have it appear or breed swarms, and turn it loose inside a space station or starship …

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