September 17, 2013

Confessions of a Jaded Geek: 15-23/30

Yesh, I am a cheater. Sort of. As I never played 3e much, when the monster classifications came out, I didn’t think of D&D’s monsters in terms of the categories asked in the 30-day D&D Challenge. So let me answer as best I can:

1) Favorite Monster – Undead
I would’ve liked to try taking on a Lich. We never got to – never got to a high enough level for it or played a campaign long enough. As I mentioned in my first post, D&D actually forms a minority of my gaming experience since I got into gaming in the early 90s explosion of different RPGs.

2) Favorite Monster – Aberration
Do my fellow-players count? Oh, Monster Manual entries only, right. Nope, can’t think of any.

3) Favorite Monster – Animal/Vermin
Thanks to an amusing episode  with the legendary dwarf Rorax, I’ll never forget the Giant Centipede. A barrel of giant centipedes + dwarf played by a player (Augs) who always seems to roll a botch on Dexterity Checks = barrel of fun.

4) Favorite Monster – Immortal/Outsider
This is not from a D&D game, but from Pendragon – we once faced an avatar of Thor. Our knights were fighting off a Saxon thrust into Cambria sometime after King Uther’s death, when the GM (Adrian Martinez) described the Saxon champion as a hulking redhead wielding a maul, surrounded by an obviously supernatural aura and felling all who dared to face him. 

Those of us players who were familiar with Norse mythology looked at each other with that sinking ‘oh shit’ expression. Thanks to some good rolls on our side and some bad rolls on the GM’s, one player, Dennis, was able to take the avatar down without too much trouble. But it was a most memorable battle.

5) Favorite Monster – Elemental/Plant
As I like jungle and lost world settings, I’ve got a weakness for all sorts of carnivorous or otherwise animated vines. Specially if you can’t tell them apart easily from natural or harmless vines.

6) Favorite Monster – Humanoid/Natural Fey
I would’ve liked to run an adventure involving the sahuagin. These fish-men would’ve made a bad-ass villain race for the kind of island-hopping odyssey I’ve always wanted to run.

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