September 22, 2013

Character Death in Hari Ragat

A game of epic, heroic fantasy would be watered down if nobody could die a heroic death. At the same time, this is a game, and who wants to stop playing simply because his or her character died? To maintain the flavor and at the same time keep the play of Hari Ragat fun, I’m thinking of the following options for PC death:


Rule 1: You Only Die When You Want To
Your character only dies if you so choose. However, survival for your character means accepting some kind of cost for it: you may take a disabling Scar, let yourself be captured, or be left for dead and face a weeks-long recovery, complicating the adventure by extending it. Perhaps while your comrades wait for you to heal fully the monsoons turn, facing your group with a voyage against the winds. On the other hand, accepting a character’s death may bring you some benefit.

Rule 2: You Get a New Character
You are always allowed to make a new character and re-enter play as soon as makes sense. The new character could come from your current character’s following, in which case the new character may enter play immediately. Or the new character may join the party at the next village or town. Another option, and a common thread in the epics, is of the hero’s relative who dreams the hero will come to a bad end, follows, and arrives shortly or just before the hero’s death and so is on hand to avenge him.

Heroic Sacrifice
You may choose to sacrifice your character for automatic success in one last action.

Blaze of Glory
You may take 5 Anito Dice, but if you are defeated in your next action your character dies.

Gift of Fury
You sacrifice your character, but immediately give your group +10 Anito Dice, to be distributed by you. These additional ADs, if not used up, are lost when your new character comes into play.

Legacy of Vengeance
Create a bare-bones character immediately (Role, Traits and Aces only). This new character is your designated avenger, and enters play with +5 Anito Dice for your exclusive use. If the character is explained as one of your followers who was present, the new character can enter play immediately. Continue fleshing out the character once play hits a good pause, such as reaching the next town.

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