August 1, 2013

The Legend of Inang Bakunawa

One of the first dragons born of Oryol's flesh was Inang Bakunawa, who escaped the wrath of the gods by burrowing under the sea bed. There she grew to titanic size, possibly larger even than her mother, and one night she looked up, saw the Moon, and hungered to devour its light and beauty.

Inang Bakunawa leapt from the water and spread her wings, flying toward the moon, but the gods saw her approaching and gathered for battle. Inang Bakunawa defeated them all, drawing closer and closer to Bulan Malyari the Moon, until Aman Bathala himself entered the battle.  He seized entire mountains from the earth below and hurled them down on Inang Bakunawa, breaking her back and throwing her into the sea.  The rest of the gods followed suit, until Inang Bakunawa was entirely buried. Then Aman Bathala, unable to kill this most powerful of all serpents, put Inang Bakunawa into an enchanted sleep.

In this way the main islands of the Janggalan Archipelago were created, and Inang Bakunawa remains beneath them, unkillable even by the gods. The weight of the islands pressing down on her sometimes opens her skin, allowing her boiling blood to seep forth in the form of magma and form volcanoes. From time to time Inang Bakunawa quivers in her sleep, triggering earthquakes, and folk say this happens because she is giving birth.  Thus are born the Anak-Bakunawa, the greatest dragons of the sea save their colossal mother.

Yup. The biggest, baddest dragons you can fight in the Hari Ragat setting are babies.

Oh. And every time one of her children is slain, Inang Bakunawa feels it – not enough to fully awaken her, but each time it happens she stirs a little more.


  1. Thanks :-) I wanted to see if I could have my cake and eat it too -- have a monster be unique, at the same time have it as a species you could fight more than once :-)


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