July 25, 2013

Hari Ragat: Karakoa Stats!

Karakoa by Bernard Lacanlale

Woot! Statting out the vessels to be used in Hari Ragat adventures, using the really simple system I’ve developed for Vivid. Rather than come up with a lot of stats, I’m trying to keep focus on the player characters by presenting props like this in a very simple manner.

So what do the stats mean? Hull tells you how sturdy the ship is – reduce Hull to 0 and the ship is destroyed. Crew is an indication of how many men you need to crew the ship, expressed in terms of Dulohan rating, which is a character asset. Endurance is how many days’ worth of supplies are carried.

Type is used as basis to claim Advantage in appropriate circumstances; for a Karakoa, this means you’ve Advantage in combat vs. any lesser type of vessel.

The karakoa is the premiere warship of the Vijadesans, and the largest, fastest vessel they build. It is a kind of galley, propelled by both sails and oars, or paddles, but is much slimmer and lighter than a Mediterranean galley. An elevated fighting platform runs across most of its length, giving warriors upon it a height advantage vs. anyone in a lesser craft. Unfortunately its light weight and its height make it hard to handle in a strong crosswind or bad weather*. It can carry up to 100+ men.

Type: Karakoa, Hull 5, Crew [10], Endurance 6 days

Length 75-90 feet, hull width 15-18 feet, outrigger width 30 feet, outrigger length 50-60 feet, waterline to gunwales 4 feet, waterline to fighting deck 10 feet, draught 2 feet.

*Meaning the GM can claim Advantage against you if your karakoa is caught in such a situation.

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