July 4, 2013

Hari Ragat: Group Renown

Caught a bug of some sort and was down for most of the past two weeks, but finally recovering. Back to crafting Hari Ragat! One of the issues that surfaced during the playtests was that of some characters lucking out with much more Renown gain than others, and thus advancing much faster.

I’ve come up with a workaround that still lets me award individual Renown based on exploits such as making the first kill in a battle, or landing the finishing blow on a monster; you get individual Renown, but advancement is now based on Average Group Renown (AGR).  Simply, I add the Renown of all PCs and divide by the number  of PCs, and compare that to a table – you get advancement points every time AGR hits a multiple of 10.

While this still allows players to compete with each other for Renown, in the long run it should encourage cooperation: having a laggard in Renown gain will slow down advancement for the leaders, so it’s in your long-term interest to help your comrades gain Renown for themselves too.

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