July 27, 2013

Anito Dice and Shamans


Looks like the shaman character class is going to be quite important to the start of an adventure thanks to the Anito Dice mechanic. (Does that mean I’ll include the shaman in the first Hari Ragat game book after all? Looks like it – probably give the GM the option to offer it as a PC class or not.)

Anito Dice represent the favor of the gods and ancestors. Where another FRPG may have a Luck mechanic of some sort, Anito Dice fill this role in Hari Ragat, but come with a price that should immerse players more into the setting. To gain Anito Dice, player characters must seek out blessings from the diwatas and ancestor spirits, and engage in various Vijadesan rites (note – player characters, not players! however if you want to offer Me a roast pig I will not turn it down!).

Act I of an adventure will revolve around finding out what the adventure will be about and what needs to be done, and courting the favor of the supernatural to increase the chances of success.

However, taking omens and divinations and making sacrifices are only half as effective if there is no shaman (PC or NPC) to perform them. Rites done by a shaman yield 1d6 Anito Dice; rites performed without a shaman yield only 1d3.

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