July 23, 2013

Anito Dice and Magic

Eureka! The price for casting spells in Hari Ragat is paid for in Bala and/or Anito Dice. Different levels of power will have a commensurate cost, which the shaman must pay either in her personal spiritual energy (Bala), or with temporary favor won from the ancestors (Anito Dice).

Since Bala is also your ‘hit points,’ I imagine most shaman players will prefer to tap Anito Dice first.  An unintended twist which I now find very appropriate is that Anito Dice are a group resource, which changes how players of shamans can get magic.  To let the shaman work more powerful magic, the group will have to agree to give up a measure of individual power.

I think this will have two – no, three! - beneficial effects for gameplay.  First, it limits magic because all players are competing for the same resource.  Second, it encourages the shaman’s player to think of ways to earn more Anito Dice, thus encouraging roleplaying and immersion in the milieu. Third and I think best of all, it makes the whole group more invested in the shaman’s use of magic.  The shaman’s player will feel validated by the group’s decision to let her use more Anito Dice – it’s like the whole group telling you, ‘yeah, we think what you’re planning to do is cool, we’re all behind you.’

At least I hope it’ll work out that way … :-)

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